"We punch holes in tubes with higher quality and faster than any other company in the world, period! We provide you with perforated or louvered tubing to your specification that is complete with straight sections, bends, endforming, notching and more. We have developed the technology to provide all of this complete to print without distortion - what other company can do this!" - A.R., Founder

MECHTRON INNOVATIONS - Your solutions partner for PERFORATED and LOUVERED tubing and stamped or extruded forms. Whether your application calls for Stainless Steel, regular Carbon Steel, or Aluminum - we have a manufacturing solution for you! In addition, we are innovating beyond our competitors to offer our customers more flexible design engineering choices that will reduce costs and consolidate components. Mechtron offers:

  1. ZERO HOLE DISTORTION: bent perforated tubing without distortion in the perforations - an option that you cannot achieve with either spiral-wound tubing, or with pre-perforated tubing
  2. FLEXIBILITY: Mechtron perforates tubing up to tangent and on the bends of tubing, as well as utilizes variable perforation patterns so that your design engineers are free to achieve more in less space
  3. PART REDUCTION: elimination of components and their associated manufacturing operations
  4. MINIMAL BURR: Mechtron's proprietary process produces a perforation that effectively reaches that of fine-blanking and achieves minimal burr

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